The challenge:

To communicate a series of relevant, engaging and consistent, business briefing events to a physical and virtual global audience on a secure platform outside of the customers’ existing technology infrastructure.

The solution:

Previous attempts by the client to deliver this event had been met with mixed results – with a challenging IT environment not specifically geared towards virtual events, we were asked to create and host a platform external to the customers infrastructure that would offer the flexibility and most importantly the security to allow us to live stream the solution containing business sensitive information, around the world multiple times across 2 days to ensure the remote audiences were able to see a version of the event in their timezone.

The bespoke hosting site had to offer unique password protection to ensure the content was not shared outside of the invited audience list.

The events consisted of a core 2-hour show, with sector specific segments. Each stream featured multiple presentations, panel discussions, chat show style interviews, live Q and A and awards presentations.

Working with the internal events team, we crafted content to be creative and engaging – moving away from the slide heavy content of old whilst remaining on brand. Presenters received stage craft training and some event segments were reimagined to ensure the virtual audience was as involved as possible. Pre-recorded segments and live question submissions ensured the event kept all audiences engaged and we worked with live captioning and translation experts to overcome any language barriers that might have existed.

The Result:

The event was a huge success with the regional streams receiving over 95% attendance which was unheard of. We continually monitored live stream feeds throughout the event to ensure our audiences remained engaged. The physical event went without a hitch and the live audience rated the event as more engaging than previous events. This event has now been repeated for 3 years and has become the “norm” for this client.

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