Great event, so why didn’t you film it?

So, you and your team have put together a great event – inspiring keynote speakers, lots of confirmed delegates and Clients from across your industry. The venue is amazing and your C-Suite team are all going to be there. You haven’t forgotten anything – except filming!

Your marketing department already spent a lot of money on some great videos to play at the show, so it’s no great surprise that you dropped it, it’s money you could spend elsewhere.

Video doesn’t make the event any more successful, does it? It’s just extra people to feed and as we all know; film crews eat and drink a lot! But what are you missing out on?

Live Feed 

You’ve probably got some form of projection at the event to show all those carefully designed PowerPoint slides. It also gives you the ability to livestream part or all of your carefully planned event- not as expensive or as difficult as you might think!

A record of the show

A dynamic ‘highlights’ video can really capture the spirit of your event, it shows off all the work you’ve put in and it’s a great tool to help market future events. If it’s more than a one day show, you can even get a closing highlights video made to play at the end of the show.

More ROI

ROI can be a hard thing to measure, but getting video interviews with delegates explaining exactly what they got out your event can really help. It can also add value by providing future marketing and promotional material.

Video Blogs

As you have so many people in one place it’s an excellent opportunity to film short “soundbite” interviews with delegates.

You can even film testimonial videos from your Clients at the event, giving you even more clips to feed into your YouTube Channel (what do you mean you don’t have a YouTube Channel?!) or your Social Media accounts.

Content videos

Your inspiring keynote presentations can make great post-event videos. They can extend the reach of your event beyond the attendees and get your message out to a broader audience. It’s a common misconception that people won’t sit down and watch a 15-minute presentation on video; Ted Talks are exactly that and it’s one of the most popular streaming sites on the planet.

You can add video to any event from just a few hundred pounds, so perhaps if it’s something that you regularly option out of your events it might be time to think again?