There’s no defined playbook for events management.

Every event is unique and so are its requirements – but as an events management agency, there are many questions that we’re asked time and time again.

With over 150 years of collective industry experience, our expert team has pretty much seen it all. So, don’t let lingering doubts cast worry or uncertainty over your event plan; our pearls of wisdom can help you on your way.

If your question is still unanswered, don’t panic. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

1. When do I start planning?

Ideally yesterday – but today will do!

It’s always best to start planning as soon as possible. It’s not uncommon for venues and services to be fully booked, well in advance – and let’s not forget that being short on time can massively impact your potential to negotiate the best deals.

It’s also important to loop in your events management agency, right from the very start. They’ll make sure your plans are locked in and get things moving quickly and efficiently, while also making sure you dodge any likely pitfalls before they take root.

Not forgetting the Fast, Cheap, Good paradigm. This unspoken rule dictates you can only have two of the three.

In other words, a good event delivered in double quick time, will never be cheap.

Likewise, a low-cost event put together within a small window will never truly wow attendees.

That’s why it serves to set realistic expectations around delivery, spend and scale, particularly if timeframes are on the shorter side.

2. Should I choose a live or virtual event?

The pandemic changed how we think about events and created options that were previously unconsidered. Events are no longer synonymous with being ‘in person’ and there are ultimately pros and cons to both options, depending on your needs.

For example, a virtual event could help you reach a global audience and spend a lot less money; but an in-person event could create a more memorable experience, albeit at a cost.

It’s a big decision with plenty of variables, so read our blog to help you decide.

3. How much will my event cost/how big a budget should I set?

Depending on your event, the sky’s the limit – but not everyone needs to spend colossal amounts of money to achieve their goals.

It’s all about what you want to achieve, so start with why you’re running the event in the first place. Then, work down to what you think would be needed to achieve it – and how you would make that happen.

This should give you an idea of the essentials, whereby a ballpark figure could be created; but of course, this assumes some freedoms for the event planner – and in reality, your budget may already be set and non-negotiable.

Whether you have total freedom or a fixed sum, having a contingency pot in addition to your core budget is essential. Discovering that you have a vital need without the budget to pay for it can lead to friction and disagreements internally – and often, you’ll need to rob Peter to pay Paul, with both losing out.

Don’t forget that designating some of your budget for an events management agency may also help that money to stretch further. They’ll have the knowledge to suggest suppliers and strategies, remove bloat from the process and prevent costly mistakes.

4. How do I stick to the budget when there’s so many moving parts?

It’s tricky, but the key is to plan and be transparent at every stage.

To help, you should create a full event brief and share it with everyone on your team. This could include a full breakdown of spend in each area. Overspending happens, so account for it in advance and create a live spreadsheet that everyone can update, right in the moment. You can then be reactive to any changes and mitigate any negative impact, early in the process.

5. I have a team to manage – how do I make sure everyone does their bit without doing it all myself?

First and foremost – Don’t overwork yourself. It’s not conducive to success.

Lean on the aforementioned brief to make sure everyone understands their responsibilities. Let the team see it in advance of project kick-off and – if necessary – ask them to sign off on their commitments.

An events management company will also help to lighten your load by providing an experienced extra team member, who understands precisely what needs doing and when – without it all falling on your shoulders.

6. How do I choose a venue?

The primary considerations for choosing a venue are likely to be:

  • Can you afford it?
  • Does it have the right ambience?
  • Do they have the capacity for your anticipated number of guests?
  • Do you need overnight accommodation for guests?
  • Do they have the capability to manage your technology, catering and entertainment requirements?

Some of these elements are fairly black and white – for example, capacity and ambience. It’s either a good fit or it isn’t. However, some factors (such as the price) could be negotiable. If you let the venue know what you need, they might be able to lean into those requirements; including partnerships with their other contacts to accommodate components such as accommodation or catering.

Crucially, never underestimate the importance of the venue’s location.

Consider how far your primary audience will need to travel and if the journey could cost significant time and money. If the venue is in a remote location or simply too far away, you might find that potential guests are put off before you even really begin – as well as having a poor environmental impact that could reflect badly on any sustainability objectives.

As your venue will be so critical to success, be sure to check out their previous experience before you make any commitments. Have they run an event like yours before? Do they have any testimonials to back that up? This is all essential knowledge that should inform your final decision.

Need a bit more detail to help you a long? Just take a look at our site survey checklist.

7. How do I mitigate last-minute changes when I’m planning everything so meticulously?

First and foremost – don’t panic!

Events managers have seen it all – they expect the unexpected. So, have one on hand to help with built-in contingency measures. It could truly save your event (and sanity) if it comes to the crunch.

8. I bet I’ve forgotten something! What else do I need to know?

We’ve got you covered!

Take a look at this blog – 10 things organisers overlook when planning a live event. When we said we’ve seen it all, we weren’t joking!

9. Do I REALLY need an events management company?

If you want to save yourself stress, time and money… then the answer can only be ‘yes’. If you still need persuading, just take a look here.

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