What we learnt in 2017

A lot can happen in a year, and the events world is no exception. Working in this industry day in, day out gives us a unique insight into the shifts we have seen across various clients. Looking back at 2017 has helped inform us of the trends going into 2018.

Live Streaming

Sharing events in real time is booming in popularity, with the growth of live video streaming platforms making it easier than ever to reach large audiences with live content. More than ever we are offering events on a physical and virtual basis, and we see this trend continuing into next year.


Bye Bye Big, Hello Small

Gone are the days of throwing big events just to impress. The focus has shifted to making sure the right people are there, rather than ALL of the people. Smaller audience sizes mean proportional budget, so strict planning and project management becomes even more important.



2017 saw a definite focus on creating a real experience for people at our events, making the right content engaging. When the audience fully interact with the event it becomes much more memorable, and done well it doesn’t have to break the bank.



Knowing what an event needs to achieve is the first step towards creating the environment and content that leads to success. Close measurement and defining of outcomes keeps event planning on track, and means you tick every necessary box.


Event App Integration

No-one can deny the mobile device is becoming the “go to” tool of choice at events, but we are still on the lookout for that one tool that does everything. Until that day comes there are a host of great apps with niche uses, so seamless integration of these is imperative.


So what do we think will be big in 2018?

In our expert opinion (if we do say so ourselves), this is what we think will be big news next year.

Attendee engagement and interaction

With audience engagement easier and more interesting that ever with innovative tech, we think events will continue to focus on this throughout the attendees lifecycle (before, during and after the event). Attendee defined agendas, interactive presentations with built in data capture and bespoke activity sessions with measurable outcomes are just a few of the elements we think we’ll see growing in 2018.

Event tech for the right reasons

Tech is the future, but using it for it no real reason is just self indulgent. When used properly it makes events and conversations easier, but the moment the attendee engages with their device more than the presenters is the moment the event starts to go downhill. We think increasingly an event will be built on great content with a supporting role from valuable tech rather than the other way round.

Budget conscious

Everyone loves a bargain but 2018 will see clients wanting to maximise their budgets more than ever before. We think overall budgets will be bigger but value will have to be shown across the board.

Only time will tell if we have made the right predictions for the forthcoming year but whatever we see coming over the horizon, rest assured that we will let you all know as soon as possible!