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Engaging Events: Avoiding that Digital Distraction

We’re almost all guilty of it, whether you’re 19 and sat in a lecture or 49 sat in a conference – the temptation to look at your mobile phone is there.

But how do you stop people at your event picking up their phone? Unfortunately, people are easily distracted, but creating an engaging talk that allows attendees to forget their urge to scroll mindlessly through social media is the answer. Here are our top tips on creating an engaging talk:



If you can’t get them off their phones, engage them on their phones. Encouraging your audience to participate by using websites such as Kahoot, which allow audiences to vote using their phones and leave their opinions on the screen will make them feel more valued in your talk. Alternatively, creating your own app to use at your talk can add a personal touch and really involve the audience. At UKSV we offer Event App building, if you think this would be beneficial to you for an upcoming talk you have planned, please see our contact details listed below.



If you’re talking to a room full of 200 people, there is nothing to stop one of those attendees getting their phone out and scrolling for the entirety of the event. People get bored. Psychologists have proven that mobile phones are killing our attention span and making us unable to concentrate. Keep the audience active and distracted from their screens by prompting discussions amongst them. Ask them to come up with some ideas with the person next to them or have them undertake an activity together – people will put down their phones instantly.



If you are hosting a 2 hour talk about a topic that isn’t the most interesting, you are bound to have some people switching off, no matter how engaging you are. But sometimes, this running time can’t be helped. Keep your audience engrossed by allowing for short breaks, every 25 or so minutes. This will allow them to stretch their legs, get a coffee, catch-up on their social media and come back refreshed ready to listen.



Just because you spot an audience member is sat there on their phone, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily bored or find their phone more interesting than you. They may be researching a person or concept you just mentioned for example. Don’t presume that they’re looking for an escape from your talk and don’t take it to heart. Ignore it and focus on delivering your talk the best you can!

If you’re planning an event and need some help with any training, planning or digital aspects, call us on 01425 480444 or send an email to to arrange a meeting.

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