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UKSV Putting Eco-Consciousness on Your Event Agenda

Putting Eco-Consciousness on Your Event Agenda

We are acutely aware of the impact our work can have on the world – both for the better and, regrettably, for the worse. That's why we are passionately committed to creating a sustainable and ethical work environment and providing services that mirror our business values.

We firmly believe that doing what's right is not only a choice but a responsibility – for ourselves, our clients, and our planet.

Our approach involves reshaping our mindset and actions, always considering the effects on people and the planet. Our Sustainability Ambassadors share the learnings and knowledge they are constantly gathering to assist our company and clients in making responsible choices.

UKSV: Championing Eco-Friendly Events

At UKSV, we understand the impact that events can have on the wider world.

That’s why we’re dedicated to shrinking the carbon footprint of the events we manage – from reducing waste to seeking renewable event resources.

Every Journey Starts with a Step in the Right Direction

Sustainability isn’t just good for the planet – it’s great for your brand, too. By considering how your event can go a little more green (by having the option to host virtually, for example), you’ll not only enhance your reputation amongst delegates, but have the chance to achieve cost savings, too.

We’ve Partnered with Isla, The Event Sustainability Experts

UKSV is a proud member of Isla, the non-profit organisation founded by event professionals and industry leaders focusing on a sustainable future for events.

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