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Virtual & Hybrid Events

Virtual and Hybrid Events

At UKSV, we believe that virtual events can drive results as powerful as an in-person equivalent… you just need to know how.

Virtual Events

We can support you to produce powerful virtual and hybrid events that take advantage of cutting-edge creativity and innovation, tailored around your exact needs.

So, whether you need a little help from the latest technology to bring an existing idea to life, or a whole project that’s developed from scratch, we can make it happen.

Our Packages Include:

  • Self-shoot solutions for smartphones
  • Single-person camera crews from your 
    home or office
  • Remote recording solutions for multiple presenters
  • Green screen and virtual studio filming
  • Bespoke support from the ground up.

No matter what you are trying to achieve with your virtual event, we’ll help you to access the quality, infrastructure, content and hardware to meet your goals and leave a lasting, positive impact.

Virtual and Hybrid events are here to stay

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Everything you need to know

Those planning an event will have considered either a live, virtual or hybrid solution but in times like these, it’s important to remain flexible, building contingency plans and room for manoeuvre. Remaining agile also arms organisers with a full range of options, ensuring they can provide the right mix for their audience.

Below is a list of questions and answers we believe to be the most common. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how UKSV can help limit the disruption to your business, please get in touch with us via the contact form below, or via our contact us page.

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Our Virtual & Hybrid Event work

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size audience can you cater for when live streaming?
I’m concerned that my speakers may have trouble with the change from presenting to a full conference room to presenting directly to a camera with a live output. Do you offer any help or guidance with this?

Presenting to camera is a slightly different experience to presenting to a room. We can absolutely help by giving your speakers presentation skills training which will put them at ease in front of the camera, ensuring that everyone gets the most out of the experience.

Interaction with like-minded people, or the speakers themselves, was one of the main highlights for our event. Is there any way we can replicate this in a digital space?

We have the capability for interactive elements which help to engage the audience and make them feel as though they are truly connected and a part of the event from the comfort of their own home. We are big advocates of audience participation and can facilitate a voting system, asking and answering questions, chat forums, follow-up surveys and feedback, and even virtual breakout rooms, meaning your audience can experience a more hands-on approach and interact with you and your messaging.

We already have a content plan and event schedule; can we live stream this content in its original format?

If you want to create an effective and engaging event you will need to re-imagine your content and event programme. That is not to say you can’t run with what you have initially, but in the medium to long term this should be restructured to suit the medium. We have become experts in this field and know how to keep your audience’s attention for the duration of the event using a range of digital services while helping you update the content itself. Content for virtual and hybrid events is usually more concise, involves less slides in presentations, and relies a little bit more on creating a story.