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Getting Your Message Across

We are gearing up to take part in the Communications Directors’ Forum at the Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire later this month (22nd/23rd Nov). The Communications Directors’ Forum does exactly what it says on the packet: it provides an opportunity for senior business people and decision makers to get together and actually talk, communicate, face-to-face. Technology is a wonderful thing and we are the first to extol the power and impact of innovative communication methods but, still, nothing beats meeting in person to discuss ideas, share experiences and explain exactly who you are and what your company does. After all, great working relationships are built on trust and respect between people not technology. At least, not yet …


UKSV has built its reputation on creating and delivering inspiring, innovative, memorable events across a range of industries. Perhaps what is less known about us, and which we shall be emphasising at the Directors’ Forum, is that one of the ways we can help is by supporting and ‘coaching’ speakers. Being a great speaker isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone – even the best managers and directors can find it an ordeal! With our technical and communications expertise, we can ‘coach’ speakers and create a presentation that is interesting, dynamic, and engaging. Key to it all, as the title of this Forum suggests, is communication. A speaker needs to tell a story and impart a message to the audience. We will work with a speaker to establish exactly what he or she wants to get across; assess what the audience wants and needs to hear; and then create a cutting-edge, exciting presentation that will help do all of that and more! Recent examples of how we’ve helped our clients in a ‘speakers’ role’ include running a PowerPoint ‘clinic’ at an overseas conference. We handled the presentations of more than 60 speakers working with them from 6 weeks prior to the event, then on-site with the ability to make changes right up to the last minute. Closer to home, we ran a series of ‘speakers’ workshops for one of our clients to improve the presentation skills of their staff, enabling them to be more effective in a sales or customer service situation; and to have the confidence to respond, on the spot, to any face-to-face presentation opportunities that might arise.


If you think you or members of your team could benefit from a little ‘speakers’ coaching’ get in touch beforehand to arrange a meeting. We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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