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How to Add Excitement to Your Online Events Without An Agency

At UKSV, we understand first-hand the impact an events agency can have on an event. Whether it is technical support during the event, creation of engaging collateral or having experts on hand to help with the filming, working with an events agency like UKSV can help you to plan and implement your perfect event, bespoke to you and your goals.

Putting on an event without an agency often restricts the technical ability and creativity of your content, but we know that there are some instances where acquiring an agency for a small-scale event is a luxury more than a reality.

Therefore, we want to highlight some ways in which you can bring a bit of excitement and joy to your small-scale company meetings or virtual conferences without the use of external support.

Results from these kinds of additions are limited, and we only recommend going it alone for simple, small-scale internal events when necessary. But, if you’re looking at getting a few extra laughs at a company meeting or you’re looking to give your employees an afternoon conference to remember, read on.



Let’s start with the easy stuff! Many online virtual event platforms now have a number of options for you to choose from when it comes to backgrounds and filters. In fact, with Zoom, Google Meet, Teams and Webex you can even create your own background, importing your chosen image to the platform and changing it via the settings.

Why not set a theme for the next company meeting with a prize for the best or most surprising background!

One of the great things about backgrounds is they’re not just for fun, but they also allow you to keep some privacy (and perhaps some dignity if you don’t like to make your bed in the morning!) when it comes to your personal space.

Filters can be added to most laptop’s webcams for both Mac and Windows computers. If you’ve ever used Snapchat or Instagram before, you’ll know how to use these. These little additions are a great way to start a meeting as they get people talking and interacting with each other while setting the tone for the rest of the meeting. However, bear in mind that for formal, large-scale events, filters are typically regarded as unprofessional, and we actively warn against in-built filters such as these.

Built-in filters are great for intimate meetings for employees who know each other. Often it will capture the attention of your audience and get people engaging with one another, however it’s uses are limited. If you’re looking for something more professional for external attendees or your next company-wide announcement, you may need the assistance of an agency. UKSV can help you set up a branded background or utilise a green-screen, allowing our post-production team more freedom to edit the background into a studio for example (although the possibilities are endless).



Many companies will have done a pub quiz, back when we could socialise with one another. However, while the restrictions are upon us, there are other ways to continue socialising with your colleagues.

Quizzes and trivia-based games are very easily translatable to an online audience. A great way to host a quiz is to come up with a theme to work from. It’s another fantastic way to ensure engagement and get your audience involved.

There are varying levels with this type of addition to an event. If you are hosting to your employees, hosting this event yourself will be achievable, but again it’s effect will be limited to possibly a PowerPoint presentation and attendees scribbling their answers down with a pen and paper.

This may be enough for a small-scale internal event, however if you want to take your quiz night to the next level, it would be beneficial to get a small crew on board to help you with the technicalities as well as the content creation or sourcing a celebrity host! A good events partner can assist in the technical setup, hosting, pre-recorded content and ensure they are present for the event itself should any technology go awry. That way, you’re free to enjoy the event yourself without the worry or stress of having to host without any technical backup!


Perhaps a little less on the comedy side, but definitely a top contender for how to keep an online audience engaged, well-being sessions during meetings or conferences have been very well received in previous events.

A short workout or a meditation in your event helps to get each attendee involved and engaged with you as the host. Not to mention, work out sessions will get the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing which will no doubt cure any sleepy audience members from taking an afternoon snooze on your time!

Not only do well-being sessions make your audience feel good, but it also lets them know you care. Something which helps your audience engagement in the long run too.



This is where things get really interesting. More and more, people are looking to outsource some entertainment for their virtual events, whether they are internal or external meetings or conferences.

For many entertainers, Zoom became a lifeline that allowed them to reach their audience via a virtual platform. You may be surprised by how many musicians, comedians, magicians, and speakers are available for a Zoom appearance!

Just like curating a conference, bringing in speakers that are relevant to your audience is a great way to encourage engagement and interaction and to get your guests excited to attend.

Similarly, musicians and comedians are largely open to Zoom appearances. In fact, UKSV have recently delivered a number of virtual entertainment events featuring comedians, magicians, live music and more. Through Zoom performances like this, companies are able to do more with virtual events than they would have been able to do with physical events. Bringing good comedians and performers to a virtual party means you can take the sting out of having to cancel the physical event.

Another top trend is the use of surprise Zoom performers! These resemble flash mobs (if you remember that craze!) Unassuming attendees will suddenly burst into song with more performers joining them so that eventually, you find yourself in the midst of a musical performance. These are such a good way to shake up a meeting as they are completely unexpected and bring the attention of your audience directly to your virtual meeting.

Finding the right entertainer for your event can be difficult and knowing how to add them to your virtual event may be a challenge, therefore whilst you can find virtual performers online, we would recommend doing this with the help of an events agency, who will not only find the perfect entertainer, but they will also help you to create the content either side of the performance too.


As if this year wasn’t weird enough, you can now bring a goat to your virtual meeting. Yes, a goat. For a small fee, you can choose your extra attendee via the Cronkshaw Fold Farm website; you’ll have 7 furry friends to choose from. An excellent way to check your human attendees are paying attention!

UKSV have been working with clients to bring a bit of fun and excitement to meetings in all kinds of settings. Whilst it is possible to do all of the above tips by yourself, sometimes having the experience of an agency behind you can make all the difference. If you would like to talk to us about livening up some of your upcoming virtual events, get in touch!

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