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How to Keep Live Events Current

Being ‘current’ is a term used to describe something that is popular, important and relevant at a certain time. It is often used to describe the latest fashion trends or breaking news stories; however, we always like to refer to our live events as ‘current’ – whether it be an award ceremony, conference or summer ball. This is because every live event should touch on current trends, cover relevant discussion points and highlight popular messages.


Keeping live events current accommodates attendees basic psychology. People engage with things that are current to fit in with everyone else, impress others and seek guidance on how to look or behave. Ensuring your live event is current and addresses all of these motives allows you to engage on a psychological level with all of the attendees.

First things first – identify what is actually current in wider society, but make sure it is relevant to you, your live event and the attendees. You can identify current things in society using a number of methods such as: checking your social media platforms and following influential people, subscribing to magazines, joining forums, familiarising yourself with hot news topics and engaging with like-minded people at events.


You then need to reflect what is current in your live event, starting with the overall message of your event. Your message has to fit in with your aims of the event, but also coincide with a current topic that attendees will relate to.

Breakout rooms are also a good way to ensure that your live event is current. You can use breakout rooms and different activities to cover a variety of areas around a current topic or cover entirely separate but still very current topics.

A large number of live events will feature a keynote speaker which either has an inspiring back story or is well-known in the public eye. The speaker is usually especially effective at engaging with the attendees and providing the audience with a unique experience. We will always pick a current speaker who suits the overall message of the event or a speaker who is especially prolific in the public eye.


Social media is often used as a source to discover what is current, so using social media throughout your live event is a good way of keeping it feel relevant. Your event can have its own trending hashtag which attendees can use before, during and after the event, which builds anticipation around the event and helps the event become current amongst attendees.

Will you be filming the event? Ensure that the finished video utilises all of the most recent videography trends to guarantee that the video engages with whoever is watching the video.

If you need a hand keeping your live event current, drop us an email or pick up the phone. Email: or call +44 (0) 1425 480444.

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