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How to Professionally Present From Home

Being an effective and engaging presenter can be a challenge at the best of times, but with the coronavirus outbreak and the necessity of having to work and present from home, these challenges have become harder, especially if you’re doing it alone.

But the thought of hosting from home shouldn’t make you want to pull your computer out by the plug. There are many kinds of support available to you to ensure your virtual or hybrid event is as professional and engaging as your face-to-face events.

Of course, there are a few tips and tricks you can do yourself from home which will improve the quality of your self-recorded content, however if you’re really looking to impress, you may be wondering how an events agency can help.

UKSV can offer solutions to suit every need (and budget), and a few of these are listed below. It’s worth noting, however, that any good events agency will work closely with you to create bespoke solutions tailored to your needs, therefore the below is a guide rather than a set menu!

1. Use Your Smartphone for a More Professional Feel


If you’re presenting from home, chances are you don’t have access to studio space, professional lighting, or industry standard camera equipment. However, a lot of content for virtual and hybrid events can be created successfully without these.

In fact, you’re likely to already own a camera that can record high-resolution content that, with the right use, will be suitable for your needs. Yes, we’re talking about your smartphone.

In case you missed it, we recently gave tips on how to record content using your smartphone for more high-quality footage, but of course, each set up and use will be different.

If you’re still not sure how to get the most out of your smartphone, find an agency who will work with you remotely to offer real-time advice for pre-recorded content creation. For example, UKSV can offer a ‘virtual director’ who will help you:

  • Find the best location in your home or office
  • Find your best angles
  • Set up suitable lighting with what you already have available
  • Monitor the quality of the content throughout, reducing the need for additional takes and wasted time
  • Create engaging content that educates and inspires.

A good events agency will also be able to offer you additional equipment should you need it. This could include a tripod or greenscreen, depending on the needs t of your online event.

If you are planning to stream live to your virtual audience, make sure you have a good, secure internet connection that you feel is capable of streaming seamlessly. If you’re not 100% certain, consider connecting your computer to your router via an Ethernet cable. The less chances you take, the more likely your stream is to be a success.

If you’re not tech-savvy, maybe think about asking for the assistance of an agency. Not only will they be able to ensure your tech is setup correctly and ready to go, but they can also offer peace of mind on the day of the event as they sit on stand-by, ready to leap into action should anything go awry.

This option is most suitable for a single presenter who is looking to create either live or pre-recorded content, making use of what is mostly already available to them. Using an agency helps to shorten production time by creating content which is suitable from the start.


2. Transform Your Home or Office into a Studio

Working from home has left a lot of us unable to access appropriate spaces for presenting, however there’s a lot that can be done to turn your space into a professional-style studio! With some carefully considered lighting, an inconspicuous backdrop and some form of tripod, you’re well on your way.

With the added support of an agency, this option becomes even more rewarding. Gaining access to additional materials like industry-standard equipment and a small film crew, your audience won’t be able to recognise your home or office as being anything other than a presenter’s studio.

By changing the visuals from the standard (and dare we say, boring) Zoom call content, your audience are often more engaged and able to digest information better. You appear more professional and can better communicate with your audience by eliminating the barriers that regular virtual meetings create.

This is a great option for seminars and expos or any events that need that additional push in becoming more professional. It’s also easier to command the attention of the ‘room’ when you stand out from the additional participants, again facilitating far more engaged viewing.

3. Unleash the Magic of the Green Screen


Let’s say you’re looking to really wow your audience. You need something a little more exciting,  dynamic and out of the ordinary. What you may need is a green screen.

Green screens allow you to present from just about anywhere in the world by utilising visual effects to composite your feed and your chosen scene together in post or live production. You can drop in any background you can think of, allowing you to present from a newsroom studio, a lecture hall or beside your own infographics or slides. In fact, you could even present from the moon if you wanted to, but as we’re talking about professional presentations, this may be a bit too distracting.

Using a green screen gives you the opportunity to present more freely, interact with your additional content and engage comfortably with your remote audience. It also allows for more opportunities to reinforce your brand, by utilising branding within the VFX.

We are seeing this option become more and more popular with large-scale events with multiple moving parts. It really gives your event an edge and can bring a certain familiarity to the virtual space if you’re using backdrops your audience are used to.

Events agencies like UKSV will be able to assist you with your green screen endeavour. As there is a fair amount of technical know-how involved, we wouldn’t recommend that you try this one alone. UKSV can offer a two-person (COVID-compliant) crew to set up our portable green screen studio in relatively small spaces, with only the need for a standard power socket and wired internet connection. That’s all it takes to place you in any location you desire!


Presenting from home has become unavoidable, but this doesn’t have to equate to disastrous content. It is entirely possible to present professionally from home with some minor adjustments, additional knowledge and expert advice and guidance.

We know that not all virtual or hybrid events are the same, which is why we don’t expect our offering to be the same every time. Instead, we focus on delivering value bespoke to you and your event. If you would like any more information on the solutions listed above, or perhaps you’d like to talk through the options available to you, please get in touch.

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