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Marketing Your Event on Social Media

Once you’ve planned and organised a top-quality event, it’s time to start marketing it. Without proper marketing behind your event, there will be no one there to attend.

As well as planning and executing live events, we also help organisations to market their events to a targeted audience of potential attendees. We recommend using social media as one of the avenues to take. Here are some of the most effective ways of marketing your event on social media – tried and tested by UKSV.



Globalwebindex uncovered that social media users in the world spend an average of 2:22 hours on social media each day – an increase of almost an hour of over 7 years. This large, committed audience are constantly engaging with business’s content and becoming successful leads.

We always recommend using social media for marketing your event because of how many people you can potentially reach. It is often the quickest way to reach your current client/customer base too.

Firstly, posting regularly about the event to your current social media following is an effective way of keeping them up to date with what is happening pre, during and post event. We recommend announcing that the event is in preparation and also do a big ‘push’ once the tickets are released. You can also update your followers on all of the exciting things to expect at your event, including guest speakers, the agenda, and interesting breakout activity rooms. You can also engage your existing followers by holding polls based around features they would like to see at the event.


Running competitions will always see great results in engaging with potential attendees. For promoting an event, ticket giveaways are a great competition to run and encourages people interested in the event to share the post around their own network.

You should also consider using the advertising platforms that are offered by social media platforms, especially Facebook Ads Manager. This platform allows you to create targeted adverts to reach a certain audience that would be ideal attendees at your event but aren’t currently followers on your social media page. For example, if you’d like to attract people from the hospitality industry to your event, you can target an advert prompting them to buy tickets.

If you feel you need help with marketing your event, we can help. As a full-service agency, we plan the event from the ground up, help you boost numbers through a variety of marketing avenues (including social media) and execute the event.

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