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UKSV Loves… Event Highlight Videos

A successful live event will stay in the memory of every attendee. However, there is another way in which you can encapsulate your event – with a highlight video. This is a short 3/4-minute video which shows all of the highlights and key messages. Here we are going to discuss why UKSV loves event highlight videos and why you should love them too…


Whether it be a sales conference, awards ceremony or company launch – a video to summarise the experience of your event is a must.

One of the main reasons we use event highlight videos is to deliver the key messages or highlights in a quick, punchy and engaging format. This is especially important as some events span the course of a few days and it is often difficult to ensure attendees retain all of the essential information. By condensing the event’s highlights, the likelihood of attendees absorbing the message is increased.

Highlight videos are also very useful for marketing recurring events. Social media has proven to be one of the most effective channels for marketing an event. This channel of marketing is made even more effective with video content. Having a bright, fast-paced, colourful highlight video is especially engaging for social media users and will help illustrate why people should be attending your next event.



In order to engage with viewers and retain their attention, our video production team have a few top tips. The first thing to remember is to shoot for the edit. Rather than film the whole event and pull out the highlights, be efficient and know the shots you want to record before the event. This will reduce the amount of unusable footage and save time when it comes to editing.

Having a quick turnaround period also adds to the impact of a highlight video. Releasing the video shortly after the event will help create a post-event buzz and boost the longevity of the promotion. If you wait too long to release the video, it will become irrelevant and be less successful in reaching your audience.


There are lots of other factors that impact the effectiveness of an event highlight video. Perhaps you need some help from the experts to truly make the most of your video? Video is a cost effective medium for disseminating your message, so get in touch with us.

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