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UKSV Loves… Product Launch Events

Are you launching a new product or service and need to find an effective marketing channel? Social media, TV, billboards – these are all commonly used mediums for marketing a new project. Our recommendation would be a product launch event. Here is why UKSV loves using product launches as a marketing tool.



Product launch events are used to introduce a new product or service – whether that be an established organisation launching a brand-new service, or an up-and-coming design label introducing a new range of clothes. The event’s aim is to create a high level of awareness and publicity around this particular product.

Often responsible for the initial buzz around a product, success can determine the overall fate of a product, as this original reception is often a foreshadowing for when the product is fully taken to market. That’s why it is so important to get your product launch event just right.



If you’ve decided to launch a product with an event, there are a number of tips that we have to maximise the return on investment and leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

The first step is to select an objective for your event, such as gaining media coverage or pitching for investment. Once you’ve identified your objective, you then need to invite the relevant people to your event, such as journalists or consumers. We recommend an email marketing campaign or social media advertising to source your relevant attendees.

Now is the part you may need some professional help with – making sure your event stays in the minds of attendees. The main focus of the launch is the product, but a truly unique event will help deliver all of the USP’s and get attendees excited about the product.


Building excitement can be achieved in a number of ways. We will create an impactful and inquisitive opening video to grab attendees attention and make them want more information. The video will always highlight the key features of the new product/service. This will often be followed by a skilful professional speaker to engage attendees with the product through interactive story-telling.

To maximise reach, we often create a live stream of the launch. This is in order to increase visibility.  A live stream helps you reach an audience who may not have heard of your launch event, whilst individuals unable to attend can still be a part of it.

Alongside all of these features that merge together to promote the product, there will always be one consistent aspect of your event throughout – the branding. Across your event venue, there will always be branded materials, such as posters and screens, to remind attendees that they are here to see your product.

Need help to create the best product launch event? Our team of expert professionals have planned, organised and executed many launches to the highest standard, ensuring you get the best results. Get in touch with us on or call 01425 480444.

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