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UKSV Loves… Voting Solutions at Conferences

Business and organisations hold conferences for a number of reasons. It could be a gathering of academics who presenting findings from research, a conference for a company to discuss new internal opportunities or an industry conference for like-minded professionals to share best practices. Often the current theme throughout a conference is input from the delegates. This is why UKSV loves using voting solutions at conferences or virtual events to give delegates a voice.



Allowing attendees the chance to express their thoughts and opinions is key to meeting the objectives of a conference if the aim is to engage everyone with the discussion topics. If a business is holding a conference about a rebrand, they may want to give the attendees (their employees) the chance to have their say on a new logo design. Using a voting solution is a more effective way to gather this information.

Over the years we have used a range of voting solutions to help attendees input their own thoughts on a topic of discussion, which has been enhanced with the development of technology. These voting solutions allow attendees to share ideas without interrupting the flow of the conference – which is equally as important as giving them a voice.



There are a number of ways in which we implement voting solutions at our conferences.

Gone are the days of booing, hissing, cheering or clapping to express an opinion. In a modern conference, we use technology to allow audience engagement.

One of the most successful uses of voting solutions used at one of our conferences was for Close Brothers. In order to give the audience of 200 employees an opportunity to express their opinion, we used Slido – an innovative voting solution. By using this tool, attendees were able to ask questions, vote in polls and be a part of the discussion by using the Q&A and polling options.

For more in-depth feedback on the topic of the conference for post-event analysis, we recommend giving attendees a survey to fill in during the conference. By requesting they complete the survey during rather than post-event, more information is retained and their responses will be more accurate.

If you want to make the most of your conference and fulfil all of your aims and objectives, it’s best to get help from the experts. Voting solutions are just a small element of a conference, so to get the best return on investment, every element of the conference has to be planned, organised and executed to perfection. We have produced conferences for a wide variety of events which always deliver on objectives. Get in touch with us by emailing or calling 01425 480444.

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