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Using your phone to record good video

We know how important filming events can be, but as we know from our recent article on filming events, it often gets left behind.

Instead of getting caught short, we have put together some simple steps that will help you to take good video using nothing but your mobile phone.


1. Set your camera phone to record at the highest possible resolution (ideally 1920 x 1080 HD).

2. If filming yourself, get a colleague to hold the phone to record the video and use the better rear facing camera.

3. Landscape NOT PORTRAIT! This is the biggest mistake made and will mean we won’t be able to use the video if it’s been shot incorrectly.

Horizontal MobileVertical Mobile

4. Position your interviewee in the camera frame. Not too close and not too far away.

5. Don’t shoot against a window. This will put your subject in shadow, as the light will be behind them. Always try and shoot the subject with the light in front of them.

6. Select a quiet room to film in. Camera microphones work ok in quiet environments but struggle when there is a lot of background noise.

7. If you’re going to practice, make sure to record the practices — you never know, one of those takes may be the best.

8. When filming, try and hold the camera as still as possible and get the interviewee to keep looking at the phone. Eye contact is very important.

9. Check what you have recorded. If you are happy that it is as good as you can get, then we can ask for no more!

10. Start and end with a smile and have fun!

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