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#1 What Has Back To Live Looked Like?

December 2022

Episode 1

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Time Stamps

  • 30 secs – Fear of The Unknown
  • 2 mins, 22 secs – The ‘New Normal’
  • 6 mins, 10 secs – A Phased Return
  • 10 mins, 57 secs – Hybrid Events
  • 15 mins, 42 secs – Did Technology Help?
  • 22 mins, 32 secs – The Rate of Recovery
  • 26 mins, 02 secs – Future Proofing
  • 27 mins, 36 secs – Why In-Person Events Still Matter

Episode 1 - What has back to live looked like?

In this, the inaugural UKSV podcast, your host Aaron Cutler quizzes Neil Coombes and Jeremy Shakerley on a return to live events. The pair reflect on the impact of the pandemic and how both the business and industry at large adjusted to provide a virtual, then hybrid experience.

The trio also talk at length on the lifting of COVID restrictions and how the public regained the confidence to attend in-person once more.