Holding events are another tool of marketing for your businesses. Just like any marketing campaign, an event needs good, solid branding to get you the results and awareness you would expect. So, here we are going to discuss the importance of branding at events and why event branding is needed.

The Importance of Branding Your Event from the Start

The branding for your event should be consistent from start to finish including your invites, the marketing of your event and the event itself. Pre-event branding involves creating material to build awareness of the event and maximise the ‘hype’.

This starts with producing quality invitations, tickets, email marketing campaigns, and social media content which all fits in with the design of your brand and expresses the message of your brand and event. Essential elements of this side of event branding include colour themes, font, writing style, imagery and illustrations.

The Importance of Taking Attendees on a Brand Journey at an Event

Now that you’ve created a hype with your pre-event branding, it’s time to move on to the importance of on-site branding at your event. You will need to put yourself in the shoes of an attendee as understanding the journey of an attendee allows you to create appropriate and effective branding from when they arrive through to when they leave.

The branding on-site at the event should match seamlessly with your pre-event branding. Pairing this branding with the journey of the attendee will achieve the most immersive and engaging experience possible and help towards the aims of your event – whether it be increasing brand exposure, raising awareness, driving sales etc. Without this seamless branding, getting the results you want from your event will be a challenge.

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