UKSV are here to support you, no matter what that looks like. Whether you’re in need of a very light touch from an experienced video production team or are looking for support in creating an all singing, all dancing virtual or live event; we pride ourselves on being able to provide value at every level. If you would like to learn more about online events, our article on virtual and hybrid events should tell you everything you need to know.

Packages for 1-2 PRESENTERS

Self-Shoot with Your Smartphone

Dramatically Improve the Quality of Your Presentations

UKSV can help you via remote video consultancy where you will be directed on how best to shoot footage using your smartphone at home. Your ‘virtual director’ will help you set up your camera in the right places using lighting and the correct angles. They will  monitor the quality of your performance throughout, meaning you won’t have to reshoot time and again.

Starting at £350

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Filming from Your Home/Office (Single Person Camera Crew)

Turn Your Space into a Professional-Style Studio

We will provide a COVID-Compliant one-person camera crew to your chosen location. This crew member will professionally record your content with our industry standard broadcast equipment, providing feedback and presentation tips during production. This solution usually spans 4 hours of filming and a full day’s edit to your requirements.

Starting at £1,350

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Remote Recording Solutions for Multiple Presenters

A Professional Alternative to the Dreaded Teams/Zoom Call!

UKSV can manage the remote recording of up to 8 presenter’s video feeds, slides and pre-recorded content and combine either live or in post-production to create a branded, professional-level presentation for you to share with your teams. Multiple presenters can be managed from multiple locations; a perfect solution for remote workforces or large-scale virtual events.

Starting at £950 for an hour-long presentation

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Green Screen/Virtual Studio Filming

Elevate Your Presentations with our Mobile Studio

Without leaving your house or office, our team can provide you with your own virtual TV studio where you can interview remote guests, host virtual award shows and take live Q&A from your viewers. We can pre-record your green screen content or stream it live to your audience. Our 2-person team can set up in relatively small spaces, only requiring a standard power socket and wired network connection.

Starting at £1,350

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Bespoke Support

Whether you are looking for a professional-feel 1-hour business update session, a virtual staff wellbeing event, virtual awards celebration or multi-day corporate conferences, we have the resources to fully support you.

We can help define agendas fit for the virtual world, design and develop engaging slide content, pre-record sessions to take away the pressure of presenting or provide keynote speakers and well-being sessions. We can tailor all solutions to fit your needs.

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