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4 Healthcare Event Trend Predictions for 2023

After several years of pandemic-related disruption, the dust is finally starting to settle for both the events and healthcare industries (or at least, when it comes to that particular set of circumstances).

Having learned valuable new lessons and skills during the turmoil of COVID-19, a new age of healthcare events is beckoning - centred around an exciting blend of cutting-edge technology and advancing efficiency.

To help healthcare event planners keep their finger on the pulse of what’s to come, here’s a sample of our trend predictions for the next year…

1.       Sustainability at Heart

At present, healthcare has an undeniably large climate footprint.

On a global scale, healthcare accounts for 4.4% of global net CO2 emissions; similarly, the NHS accounts for 4% of England’s greenhouse gas emissions. It’s little wonder, therefore, that healthcare providers around the world are tightening their commitment to shrinking environmental impact.

Sustainability - Four Healthcare Event Trend Predictions for 2023

As a result, when planning and implementing healthcare events, environmental stewardship must be a key consideration in order to secure buy-in.

In 2023, we’ll see more healthcare events reducing paper handouts and using digital media whenever possible, as well as embracing reusable items and compostable disposables. This even extends to catering; we predict that locally sourced foods will be seen more and more often on buffet tables and sit-down dinner menus.

In turn, healthcare event planners can create lasting improvements, while also avoiding increasing costs - ensuring compliance with government regulations and creating memorable experiences that engage stakeholders, without compromising environmental objectives.

2.       Global Summits

COVID-19 hit the healthcare industry at a global scale – so, it’s little wonder that the world’s greatest medical minds have been keen to join forces, share ideas and compose battle plans.

As such, we’ve seen an increased number of global summits in the lead-up to 2023; and it seems highly likely to be an upward trend. After all, international events previously required significant time and expense to attend – but with COVID-19 restrictions making remote audiences and participants a common arrangement, global summits have become all-the-more viable. As a result, we’re seeing them far more frequently, with increasingly innovative setups.

Global Summits - Four Healthcare Event Trend Predictions for 2023

A mix of digital and in-person experiences have rapidly emerged, forming hybrid events that unite both aspects into a well-rounded event experience. With the help of supporting technology that’s also evolving at pace, we’re sure to see more healthcare organisations focus their efforts on large-scale productions, which seamlessly connect attendees from every corner of the world.

3.       Interactive Activities

Leading on from the prevalence of large events that are underpinned by virtual technology, we predict that attendees at healthcare events will soon benefit from a range of interactive features, too.

By using the latest virtual tools, event planners can create an immersive, interactive experience that fosters the same meaningful connection and engagement as an in-person session.

From comment features and social media integration to online Q&A sessions and virtual demonstrations, even delegates attending from their laptops will be able stay engaged with what's happening throughout large-scale functions. Crucially, these interactive modules can empower individuals from all over the world to access critical health care information from any location, removing physical limitations to progressive medical education and awareness.

4.       Personalised Experiences

Hand-in-hand with leading-edge interactive advancements, healthcare events are tipped to become increasingly tailored, with personalised digital content creating a unique journey for attendees.

Personalised Experiences - Four Healthcare Event Trend Predictions for 2023

Smart data analytics will be key to this tactic, with event planners and marketers leveraging approved, personal information to form a better understanding of the audience and curate content that is most relevant to them.

For example, they may use the insight gained to tailor content presentations to closely match the interests or specialisms of attendees - or even design completely custom attendee packages, with items and offerings they know will be of value to delegates.

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