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UKSV Join Forces With Events Sustainability Non-Profit Experts Isla

UKSV is proud to become a member of isla – a non-profit organisation focusing on a sustainable future for brand experience and events.

Founded by events professionals and industry leaders at the height of the pandemic in 2020, isla is an action-driven network with a core mission to accelerate the event industry’s transition to sustainable working practices.

This would see the sector follow in the footsteps of the TV, film and festival industries, who have all made significant leaps towards green initiatives over the last few years.

As a member of isla, UKSV will fully adopt the event industry’s first universal best practice framework ‘Proseed’. The latter has been designed with the whole supply chain in mind, this to standardise and simplify how the events companies approach sustainability.

Proseed is a free to use tool, packed with information, practical guidance, resources, and actions which aim to encourage and support event professionals to implement sustainable practices and deliver events with a positive impact.

Now on their ‘net zero pathway’, isla will be helping UKSV with:

  • Sustainability policy creation
  • Sustainability objectives
  • Aligning with best practice guidance
  • Benchmarking current practices to improve future practices
  • Staying ahead of legislative changes concerning sustainability

Neil Coombes, Senior Account Manager at UKSV says: “We are absolutely delighted to be working with isla to support and propel UKSV’s move towards providing more sustainable events in the future.”

In addition, UKSV have been onboarded to isla’s TRACE platform – an innovative carbon measurement solution designed to allow events organisations to make data driven decisions about how to reduce their carbon footprint across their live, virtual and hybrid events.

By collecting and using real-time actionable data, TRACE is the latest carbon calculator that is empowering agencies, organisations, in-house teams, and other events groups to learn, assess, act and report on carbon and waste impact.

UKSV is joining the likes of Channel 4, Smyle, Westfield Shopping Centre, momentum and many more isla members that are on a mission to make positive changes faster, in the quest for sustainability.

Managing Director Jeremy Shakerley is excited about the new partnership. “We are absolutely delighted to be working with isla to support and propel UKSV’s move towards providing more sustainable events in the future”, he said. “For UKSV, sustainability has got to be about making a positive impact, not just minimising the negative impact of our activities. We owe it to our children and future generations to take responsibility and act now.”

Stay tuned to the UKSV website for further updates on completed modules and green initiatives.


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