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Expert Insight on The Events Industry

Episode 05

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Episode 04

Navigating a Sustainable Future with Isla

This podcast sees UKSV collaborating with Isla to offer a look into how the events industry is embracing the idea of sustainability. This podcast highlights some of the challenges today’s events industry faces and also how they aim to overcome them. The hope is that this will encourage others to find out more about how their business can follow UKSV’s lead and make a difference in today’s environmental landscape.

March 2024

Episode 03

How To Plan A Summer Event

In the third instalment of the UKSV podcast, the guys look ahead to the summer and discuss key event considerations at this time of year.

April 2023

Episode 02

How To Plan A Pharma Event

In episode two of the UKSV podcast the team discuss pharmaceutical events and how these have changed in the wake of COVID-19.

January 2023


UKSV On BBC Radio Solent

Jeremy Shakerley, Managing Director at UKSV, joined Lou Hannan on BBC Radio Solent to discuss how COVID-19 has changed the world of events.

December 2022

Episode 01

What Has Back To Live Looked Like?

In the maiden UKSV podcast host Aaron Cutler quizzes Neil Coombes and Jeremy Shakerley on a return to live events.

December 2022

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