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Case Study

Boehringer Ingelheim Sales Conference

Boehringer Ingelheim Sales Conference
Case Study

Boehringer Ingelheim needed creative support, content production and direction for the Sales PM Conference.

The Objective

Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) came to us to provide creative support and produce content and direction for the Sales PM Conference. The conference is attended by 400 Boehringer Ingelheim Sales Professionals and takes place twice yearly. It’s an opportunityfor the BI’s sales force to come together to review the last six months, share bestpracticeand gain an update on the various brands and products within the BI portfolio.

The Challenges

BI needed to ensure its sales force was equipped and motivated to deliver their sales target and build existing and new customer relationships. The cost of taking an entire sales force off the road for 3 days meant the conference needed to deliver immediate results in the following 6 months.

Our challenge was to help the BI Leadership Team deliver relevant content, a clear message, and a peer learning environment that engaged every individual in a personal way.

The Solution

Taking a methodical approach, we dissected the brief to ensure a true understanding of the needs of BI. Identifying key messages, key drivers, the products, business environment and competition, we then considered what the audience wanted and needed to hear. This gave us a relevant, focused and bespoke pitch.

We then developed an event which would flow from the start to finish over three days. It was supported with visualdesigns for the stage set, new product reveals,and an auditorium with a 3-sided wrap-around projection wall and a multi-level stage. This allowed the presenters to connect closely with the audience.

Our team worked closely with the Brand and Marketing team at BI’s head office to bring their marketing material to life in the live conference environment. We did this through a multitude of film, lighting, sound effects and stage props – creating an immersive experience.

We also changed the audience seating layout over the 3-day event to complementthe messaging in each session, create the right atmosphere, and keep thedelegates engaged. We provided support for each presenter in pre-production and onsite, creating content for their presentations and offering stagecraft training to ensure they delivered a polished message.

The Result

We created a truly inspiring event format with creative content that resonated immediately with the audience and resulted in tangible benefits and the desired uplift in BI’s sales revenue post-conference.

The Client

The Boehringer Ingelheim group is one of the world’s top 20 leading pharmaceutical companies. BI operates globally with 145 affiliates including a UK base and circa 47,000 employees.