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Case Study

Boehringer Ingelheim Transforming Science Day -Europe

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Case Study

To produce Boehringer Ingelheim’s second Transforming Science Day

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The Challenge

The second edition of Transforming Science Day, Europe marked a significant milestone for our client, Boehringer Ingelheim, as they showcased their commitment to innovation-driven progress in the pharmaceutical sector. Building upon the success of their inaugural event in Boston earlier in 2023, which featured a hybrid format blending in-person attendance with virtual streaming, our task was to facilitate a European instalment. This included hosting an in-person audience at the prestigious Francis Crick Institute in London while simultaneously engaging a virtual audience through a live stream on LinkedIn. 

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The Solution

Our solution for the client encompassed not only providing a technical production setup for the event venue itself but also facilitating a seamless live stream experience. Despite the venue's existing technological infrastructure being adequate, the division of the auditorium into two halves posed a challenge for integrating in-house equipment seamlessly. Our production team at UKSV conducted a thorough technical assessment and worked to maximize the utilization of in-house technology while supplementing it with our own equipment to ensure a smooth and professional event for both the in-person audience and the online live stream viewers. Additionally, our team managed the live stream via LinkedIn Live. 

 With presenters and senior leaders flying in from the United States and Europe, we assisted our client in capitalizing on the opportunity by filming interviews and vox pops to create various videos for use during and after the Transforming Science Day event. The event centered around key research areas and adopted a holistic approach to external innovation. Boehringer Ingelheim's R&D leadership team, along with esteemed external guests such as Sir Peter Ratcliffe, engaged in discussions about some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare and science today. For the in-person audience, the event provided a valuable opportunity to network with other senior R&D leaders across the industry. 

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The Results

Our client successfully disseminated their latest news and information to 160 delegates in person at a renowned science R&D venue, while simultaneously reaching over 1600 audience members through the live stream on LinkedIn. 

The Client

Boehringer Ingelheim