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Case Study

UK Pharmaceutical Product Launch

UK Pharmaceutical Product Launch 1
Case Study

Building on the success of the Global Launch in 2023, the UK's launch to their sales teams heralded the introduction of a groundbreaking pharmaceutical product.

UK Pharmaceutical Product Launch 2

The Challenge

Our client approached us to assist in orchestrating a UK product launch for a new pharmaceutical drug. Having already experienced global success with its initial launch earlier in the year, and now armed with the necessary license, the UK team was eager to embark on their own journey. 

Given the triumph of the global launch and the existence of established branding assets, our task was to craft a UK launch that would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with its global counterpart. 

 The primary objective of this launch was clear: to educate, engage, and inspire the field sales team, linking them directly to the essence of the product, its significance, and the transformative impact it could have on patients' lives. 

With the venue already secured for a three-day event, the onus fell upon us to collaborate closely with our client, shaping every aspect of the event—from its visual aesthetics and ambiance to the meticulously designed agenda. 

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The Solution

Our initiative didn't commence at the event itself; rather, our focus was on initiating engagement and generating momentum within the sales team prior to the live event. To achieve this, we orchestrated an internal communication "Countdown to Launch" email campaign, comprising four key messages. These messages outlined the significance of the event, conveyed live excitement from the launch in Ireland, articulated the impact of the launch on the sales team and patients, and provided a preview of what attendees could expect and gain from the event one week beforehand. Utilizing aesthetically designed HTML emails featuring embedded interview videos, we successfully cultivated anticipation and involvement before the event. 

 For the UK launch event, our production strategy involved animating the product logo on the stage and set. We constructed a stage set equipped with an LED wall, employing animation to create the illusion of a keyhole cutout. Presenters made their entrance through the keyhole, while we utilized various LED states to alter the staging ambiance without necessitating physical modifications due to spatial constraints. 

Creatively, our senior producer collaborated closely with the client brand lead to rejuvenate the existing global brand assets. The agenda was meticulously crafted to accommodate informative sessions, hands-on experiences, and tactical workshops. Attendees began by understanding the product and hearing firsthand from a patient about its transformative impact on their life. Day two furnished delegates with the requisite tools to launch the product effectively, encompassing showbooks and role-plays. By day three, attendees reconvened within their respective area teams to devise tactical plans for market deployment. 

Facilitating ample networking opportunities was another pivotal aspect of the event, given the predominantly field-based audience's limited chances to connect and exchange experiences. An informal networking reception kicked off the evening of day one, featuring an engaging cube challenge. Each delegate received a welcome note with a key in their hotel room, prompting them to participate in the challenge at the reception, where prize envelopes awaited within the cubes, in line with product data, ensuring an element of suspense and excitement. 

Recognizing the efforts of the teams was integral to the event's success. In lieu of a formal gala dinner, awards were presented in the main room against the backdrop of live music and street food, celebrating the teams' accomplishments thus far. 

UK Pharmaceutical Product Launch 7

The Results

A motivated and well-prepared salesforce, armed with knowledge and enthusiasm, poised to enter the UK market and begin selling effectively. 

The Client

Pharmaceutical client